Thsinde – Shock Absorbing Washer, Black Washing Machine Foot Mat, Overall Rubber Carpet For Washing Machine, Refrigerator Dryer, Treadmill,



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The lower cushion of the washing machine, four shockproof cushions Material: Made from ecological materials, it has an antistatic effect, can prevent leakage of appliances, prevent the absorption of non-slip vibrations, reduce stress, reduce noise and sustainable. Function: The carpet can help protect the floor mats and some electrical devices against scratches or vibrations caused by fast ground wear. However, it can also effectively prevent electrical noise and scratches on the ground, thus improving the quality of life. Easy to install: This is a general detail, it can be adjusted to the waist without folding, tools or glue, and it is also very convenient to adjust the position of the footrest . Miscellaneous uses: It can be used for non-slip parts of washing machines, refrigerators, offices, tables, chairs and large appliances to improve stability and safety. When using this carpet, please keep the soil safe to avoid slipping. 4 Washing machines, shock absorbers Description: It is

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